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Baskets - Pack

left to right: baby, medium pot-belly, large

left to right: baby, medium small-belly, large

left to right: bottom board, bottom legs

left to right: leather handle, wood handle, tumpline
Pack Basket

Our brown ash pack baskets are made for tramping in the woods, stowing in a canoe, gathering mushrooms, holding ice fishing traps, carrying groceries, or anything else you might want to carry.

Made with brown ash strips, each pack basket is individually woven into a useful, durable basket. Each pack basket comes with adjustable leather shoulder straps, solid wood base, and two wooden legs. Our tumpline is a leather strap used over your forehead to help take some weight off your shoulders on a heavily loaded pack basket.

The medium basket has a choice of small-belly or pot-belly shape. All other sizes are pot-belly shaped.

Solid wood handle or leather handle: add $20
Leather tumpline: add $30

Description Dimensions (approx.) Price
Baby Pack Basket 7"x7"x12" $120.00
Medium Pack Basket 10"x12"x14" $170.00
Large Pack Basket 11"x13"x18" $250.00
Extra-Large Pack Basket 11"x13"x22" $270.00

Are you interested in making your very own brown ash pack basket?
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