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Baskets - Pack

left to right: baby, medium pot-belly, large

left to right: baby, medium small-belly, large

left to right: bottom board, bottom legs

left to right: leather handle, wood handle, tumpline
Pack Basket

Our brown ash pack baskets are made for tramping in the woods, stowing in a canoe, gathering mushrooms, holding ice fishing traps, carrying groceries, or anything else you might want to carry.

Made with brown ash strips, each pack basket is individually woven into a useful, durable basket. Each pack basket comes with adjustable leather shoulder straps, solid wood base, and two wooden legs. Our tumpline is a leather strap used over your forehead to help take some weight off your shoulders on a heavily loaded pack basket.

The medium basket has a choice of small-belly or pot-belly shape. The large basket is pot-belly shaped.

Solid wood handle or leather handle: add $20
Leather tumpline: add $30

Description Dimensions (approx.) Price
Medium Pack Basket 10"x12"x14" $170.00
Large Pack Basket 11"x13"x18" $250.00
Note: We currently do not have brown ash material for making Extra Large Pack Baskets. Please order the Large size instead.

Are you interested in making your very own brown ash pack basket?
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