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Baskets - Pie & Potato

Stacking 2-Pie Basket

This stacking 2-pie basket is very handle for transporting a couple of nine inch pies.

Made with brown ash and a solid oak handle. One pie rests on the bottom, the other on a pine shelf above. 10"x10"x8" deep

Price: $100.00

Potato Basket

These potato baskets feature a rounded shape which is perfect for potatoes and other garden vegetables. If you leave it on the floor, your cat is bound to crawl in and take a nap.

Made with brown ash. The small, medium and large come with a solid oak handle. The bushel comes with two wooden handles.

Decription Dimensions (approx.) Price
Potato Basket - Small 10" diameter x 8" high $80.00
Potato Basket - Medium 12" diameter x 8" high $100.00
Potato Basket - Large 17" diameter x 8" high $120.00
Potato Basket - Bushel - Round Bottom 17" diameter x 13" high $150.00
Potato Basket - Bushel - Square Bottom 13"W x 13"L x 14"H $150.00