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Care of Knives


Because they are made of natural woods and deer antler, knife handles will shrink and expand depending on relative heat and humidity.

* Do NOT leave knife in water, in a very dry, or hot place for long periods of time (such as woodstoves and dishwashers).

* Do keep the handle protected by rubbing it occasionally with linseed oil.

The best way to treat your knife is to use it frequently. The natural oils in your hand will protect the handle.


Our knife blades are tempered when they are created, so that they will hold an edge better than most store bought knives.

To keep your knife blade sharp, we recommend sharpening it before or after each use. A diamond steel or any sharpening stone will work.

Sharpening stones and steels can be found at:
* Hardware Stores
* Sporting Goods Stores
* Klingspor's Woodworking Shop, Post Office Box 3737, Hickory, NC 28603-3737, 1-800-228-0000
Diamond Machining Technology, Inc., Marlborough, MA 01752
Smith's, 1700 Sleepy Valley Road, Hot Springs, AR 71901-9017, 1-800-221-4156