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Photo Gallery - Moose River Region

Whipple Pond, winter time

View from Number 5 Mountain

View from beach campsite of Spencer Lake

View from Spencer Mountain of Spencer Lake

Moose River Handcrafts is a small family business based at our home on Whipple Pond, which is located near the Moose River and Spencer Lake in Somerset County of Maine. The Moose River is a three day canoe trip listed in the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer. Located in the mountainous region of northwestern Maine, it is also near the Quebec border. The region has many nice attractions, such as softwood and hardwood forests, mountains, lakes and ponds, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hunting, camping, snowmobiling, sled dog racing, and ice fishing. Wildlife such as moose, deer, black bear, eagles, hawks, and beaver can be seen.

In the old days, the Native Americans would travel by water for trade and food purposes. This was before motorized vehicles came along. Whipple Pond is part of the route going between Spencer Lake and Moosehead Lake on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, which goes between Old Forge, NY and Fort Kent, ME.

For those of you who have seen the film Dead River Rough Cut, many of the scenes were taken in the Spencer Lake area. The two Maine trappers stayed in cabins located in the old German POW Camp. This classic film can be purchased from Berry's General Store in The Forks, Maine or from Northeast Historic Film. We are hoping that this area will soon be put into conservation for the sake of the woods, the wildlife, and the recreational character of the area.

The towns of Jackman and Moose River have many reasonably priced places to stay for a vacation. So come by and visit us at Whipple Pond if you are ever in the neighborhood.