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Photo Gallery - Basket Workshop

Packing the Basket

Brenda's Finished Basket

Moose River Handcrafts has offered a basket workshop in years past for folks who wanted to learn the complete process of making a brown ash pack basket. We have also held workshops with our friends at Jack Mountain Bushcraft. Students got the hands-on experience of making a pack basket which they can take home. We have homemade wooden forms on which a basket is set up and woven. There are a few shapes to choose from. Brenda Lynn Gould owned one of our pack baskets before she took our workshop. By the end of the workshop, she said that the new pack basket she had just made was her favorite basket. We also find it quite satisfying to be able to make our own baskets for personal use or as gifts for our friends and family.

If you are interested in taking a basket workshop, please contact our friends Chris and Ashirah Knapp at:
Maine Local Living School
71 Lake Drive
PO Box 383
Temple, Maine 04984-0383
(207) 778-0318