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Moose River Handcrafts

Howdy! Welcome to the Moose River Handcrafts catalog of handmade brown ash baskets, birch bark baskets, crooked knives, and hand-forged knives.

Who We Are
We live in the northwest mountains of Maine, surrounded by the peace and quiet of the woods. We enjoy a simpler, slower rustic lifestyle, far away from power and telephone lines. We are always striving to work less and live more, because life is too short to waste.

Small Business
I have been an avid woodsman from a very young age. I learned the art of brown ash basketry and the creation of useful hunting and fishing knives as my own need for them grew. It then expanded into a small home business as a way to support the family. Sally and I take pride in making beautiful and functional items that will be of value to you for a long time. We do not support the throw away mentality of modern Americans. You too can make a difference by buying quality multi-use products. Support your local small businesses and farmers.

We make our crafts as the orders come in - which can take extra time - but we feel it allows us to put the care and quality we value into each product. Each order can be customized to your needs. We hope you will enjoy them!

Our Distributors
All products going to Japan must be ordered through our exclusive distributor Country Breeze. Please send an email to Takashi Isaka at to purchase products not listed at the Country Breeze website.

Important Notices
We are no longer selling our products at the Common Ground Country Fair. Please send us your order by mail or make an appointment to visit us.

Knife orders will be worked on when the temperatures are warm enough. Therefore, knife orders might not be worked on during the cold months of December, January, February, and March.

Brown Ash Baskets are special because they last longer than reed baskets when used in rough environments. However, the availability of brown ash trees is on a decline due to bugs, disease, and excessive forestry cutting practices. Many of our sources of decent brown ash logs are disappearing. The Emerald Ash Borer has been found in different parts of Maine, so within four or five years, most of the ash trees may be gone. Order your baskets sooner than later!

!!!!! We are in semi-retirement mode. !!!!!
So orders may be completed in up to twelve months. We are still accepting orders for baskets and knives.

How to Order
We currently sell only to customers with mailing addresses in the 48 contiguous United States. High shipping costs due to the large size of our baskets have made it too expensive to send orders to customers outside of the US.

To place an order, please mail us a completed Order Form with a check for the full amount. We accept bank checks, bank money orders, and postal money orders. We custom make your baskets/knives after we receive your prepaid order. Sorry, but we are only two people and these products take time to make.

Do not place an order if:
- You are in a rush. We make each and every product. If you need it right away, buy elsewhere.
- You do not want to pay us first. We have better things to do than chase after you for payment.
- You want to pick up the products. We prefer to send our products as soon as they are done. There is no storage facility here. Please do not waste our time chasing after you.

Contact Us
Call us on the telephone or send us an email if you have questions about our products, availability of baskets or knives, or about your existing order. Before you call our phone number, make sure you have read our instructions on the above How to Order and on the Order Form. Our telephone service is spotty, so please leave a message with your name, number and best time to return your call.

Moose River Handcrafts
PO Box 205
Jackman, ME 04945
Telephone: 207.717.6168
Look for our Facebook page: Moose River Handcrafts

Duane Hanson and Sally Kwan

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